Best apps to Manage Android devices via PC browsers

Android phones have become an important part of our daily lives, but they are a distraction too. If you are working on PC and your phone keeps buzzing with emails and updates and you want to check them out but without getting distracted from your work then there are some of the great apps available

How to root any Android Phone or Tablet without PC

Kingoroot Universal root app - One Tap root without PC

Google has already showed a preview of upcoming Android N [Newyork Cheesecake]. There are lots of added features over the current Android Marshmallow firmware. The most awaited features include the Split screen or Multi Windows Mode, enhanced settings panel, revamped notification shades and quick settings. Beside that they have enhanced the doze mode and it

How to remove ads or stop showing pop-up ads on Android

Block ads and popups - adblock browser for Android

Google has created a great Android ecosystem that’s easy to understand and provide a great mobile multimedia platform. We have started playing games, working on documents, editing videos and photos on our Android devices as they have become more powerful. But as a great saying you must remember “With great power comes great responsibilities”. The

How to Remove Virus or Malicious app from Android phone or Tablet

Android Malware apps and virus Removal Guide

Android devices may get affected by Virus or Malicious app, but it’s easy to secure and monitor your device. Android is a widespread mobile platform now and many hackers are trying to break into the security and steal any important information. Mostly your device can get infected only if you download some malicious files or

How to Download and install latest Play store on your device

Google Play Services latest update

The Google Play Store is a very useful way to get new Android apps or update the apps you already have. The Play Store has more than just apps, games, music and movies. You have to re-install the Play Store manually if you have uninstalled it accidently or want to get the previous version to avoid

10 Android Tips you must know – Secure and Optimize

10 Android tips you must know - Secure and Optimize

Android is evolving every year to compete with iOS and other mobile operating systems. Android has recently launched Android Marshmallow, which has lots of new features. The most talked about feature is Doze, which is a power saving mode. It gets automatically activated when you are not using your device and disables most of the process running

How to make Android faster      

How to make Android device faster rooted - stock

Android has captured a big chunk of the mobile market, even after competitions like Blackberry and iPhone. Most of the users who keep upgrading their devices or play with different mods are happy with Android. Few other, who are still using a low-end device or old device, are getting frustrated because of sludgy interface or

Common Google Play Store error codes and how to fix them

Google Play Store errors and How to Fix them

Google Play Store is an essential part of Android ecosystem, we can search and download many apps on it. Amazon has got its own app store and beside that there are many other stores. But Play store is millions of apps and plethora of variety and functionality. Play store comes pre-installed on most of the devices,