Best apps to Manage Android devices via PC browsers

Android phones have become an important part of our daily lives, but they are a distraction too. If you are working on PC and your phone keeps buzzing with emails and updates and you want to check them out but without getting distracted from your work then there are some of the great apps available for Android that can send updates to any browser or installed app. You can check updates directly on PC without using your phone, beside that there are various of other features these apps bring in like data and clipboard sync, manage files and data from desktop, get all updates like SMS, calls, Whatsapp, skype, emails notifications directly on your PC screen.

Tons of media files such as photos, videos and music can be managed easily on a PC. You can transfer huge files from your phone to desktop so that the burden on our phones is minimized and one can manage the files easily and in an organized way. Nowadays, we want to switch from Android devices to a computer for several reasons: to play games, to edit photos on Photoshop or to contact a person. Sometimes you wish that this lengthy process was reduced to minimal seconds and you could gain control on your Android device, from your computer.

best apps to manage Android through PC

There are a few apps that will help you to transfer the control, giving you the power to make changes to your device straight from your computer. Some apps allow us to directly access the phone’s camera or take screenshots from the PC. You can even send messages from the desktop or receive notifications of your phone on your PC, move files or messages from your phone to desktop or vice versa.

Note: The OS does not come in between the phone and desktop.

Here, we have presented a list of tools that can help you in managing your Android phone from your PC.

Best apps to manage Android devices directly from PC

Web PC Suite

Web PC Suite allows you to see and move any media files (photos, videos, and music), documents, APK file, or other types of files wirelessly from your Android device to PC, via personal Hotspot or Wi-Fi. You just have to drag and drop. Web PC Suite works easily in a wide range of desktop and devices (including mobiles and tablets), accessible transfers between Android, Windows Phone, iOS (iPhone), Symbian (Nokia Phone) and Blackberry with PC, Linux, and OS X.

Features of Web PC Suite:

  • Transfers files easily between PC and Android.
  • Contacts manager
  • Manages media files on your phone
  • Easy cross-platform service
  • Saves time
  • Innovative interface

How to use:

Step 1- Download the app from Google Play Store and launch it.

Step 2- Go to the website of Web PC Suite.

Step 3- Scan the QR code.

Step 4- Login your account.


AirDroid is one of the easiest and beautiful solutions for controlling your Android device or wirelessly transferring files between your Android phone and your PC. AirDroid enables you to take full control over your device. You are required to install the application in the device and use the web interface for remote controlling like sending messages, viewing photos or videos, taking screenshots, moving or deleting files in your Android devices. When you have installed, you will receive a web address or IP address. In the address, you will get many options on the desktop. You have to make an account in AirDroid, which can be used on both PC and device. It also includes other controls like attending voice calls, finding your phone if you have misplaced it, get clipboard access or take pictures. The two handy features which make it the best choice are: to find lost phone and file transfer.

Airdroid - Best apps to manage files apps from PC or Mac get all updates on Screen

Features of AirDroid:

  • Send and receive text messages
  • View, download and upload photos
  • Play and transfer music or videos
  • Manage all files on the Android device
  • Manage ringtones and notification sounds
  • Manage contacts
  • Dial from web interface (Premium)
  • Transfer app APKs
  • Install apps from APKs
  • Upload any file
  • Paste links or text directly to clipboard
  • Find lost phone
  • Wipe or lock phone
  • Take photo of intruder (Premium)
  • Take screenshots (for rooted phones only)
  • Connect and switch between up to six devices (Premium) for better multitasking.

How to use:

Step 1- Go to Google Play Store. Download and install AirDroid on your Android phone. Run this app.

Step 2- On your PC, open AirDroid Web.

Step 3 Scan the QR code or enter the 6-digit code to connect.

To enter through the QR code scan: Tap on the camera icon in the AirDroid app. Scan the QR code that is displayed on your browser.

To enter through 6-digit code: Enter the 6-digit code on your web browser that was shown on your Android device.

Step 4- On successful login, you’ll see many icons and other necessary information regarding your device.

Step 5- Download the desktop app for Mac OS X or Windows. Launching the app on the PC will start the app on your device


AirMore is a web based PC Suite. You can enjoy all the features and functions after this app is loaded. It manages all the files both on your phone memory and SD card, takes screenshots of your Android phone, shows the real-time display of the phone, backup and restores all the data (files, media files, contacts, messages, apps) onto your desktop. It shows all the calls logs, contacts, and messages; you can easily forward, send or delete messages with just a click and make a call. Chatting with others is made simple and fast as you can text to your group from the browser. You can connect Android to Mac or iOS to PC.

Features of Air More:

  • Manages media files
  • Convenient communication
  • Practical features like copy and pasting links or text directly to the clipboard, taking screenshots, etc.
  • Security assurance

How to use:

Step 1- Install the app for Android or iOS. Run the app.

Step 2- Open AirMore Web on your desktop browser.

Step 3- Scan the QR code.

Step 4- Click “Accept” on your phone.

Step 5- The connection can be made through code or IP address or Hotspot connection.

Connect Me

Connect Me is a beautiful app that lets you manage your Android phone from the desktop browser. It supports a full-screen display. You can manage your files from SD card or manage and edit contacts. You can even view, manage, send or forward messages, and make calls from your computer. Connect Me allows you to control your remote computers via the LAN or the Internet. It works with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux and Smart TVs.

Features of Connect Me:

  • View, download, upload and manage your photos
  • Play and transfer music or videos
  • Upload and install APK
  • Download or uninstall an app
  • Upload or download ringtones, or set music as ringtone
  • Use both front and back camera to capture pictures
  • Takes screenshots
  • Sync phone notifications to PC
  • Paste links or text directly to clipboard
  • Password protection
  • Smart tools like adding APK files or pushing URLs to your phone

How to use:

Step 1- Install the app and run it.

Step 2- Use your personal Wi-Fi, visit the web address displayed on the app or go to on your desktop browser.

Step 3- Click on ‘OK’ on your phone to connect.

Step 4- Connect your PC to your device’s Wi-Fi with the name shown by the app. Open the URL displayed on your device from the browser.

Wi-Fi File Transfer

Wi-Fi File Transfer is an elegant app which helps you in managing all your files and transferring them wirelessly. This small app lets you browse files and folders on your Android device via Wi-Fi by the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Features of Wi-Fi File Transfer:

  • No data charges, no USB cable required
  • Share videos easily
  • You can transfer multiple files at once
  • File management

How to use:

Step 1- Download the app.

Step 2- Make sure that your Android phone and PC are on the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3- Open the app and click on “Start Service”.

Step 4- Copy and paste the URL address (shown in the app) into your FTP client application or Windows Explorer or the URL in your browser. Here, you will find all the files stored on your device.

If you are using FTP, commands such as download, copy or delete files exist on the default FTP. You won’t get theses commands on the browser.

ES File explorer

ES File Explorer is a light-weight app which is considered one of the best file managers for Android more powerful than a PC file management app like Windows Explorer. It comes with the ability to interact with other devices on a Wi-Fi network. You can connect your Android phone and PC if both are on the same Wi-Fi connection and can easily send files. It includes both top features: file management and a transfer app. You can even use other file browsers on ES also.

Features of ES File Explorer:

  • Browse files from PC
  • Manage or uninstall multiple apps quickly
  • Hide media from gallery
  • Extract APK from your installed apps
  • Use ES file explorer as browser
  • Password protection
  • Remove pre-installed system apps
  • Save files to various cloud services
  • Browse and transfer files via LAN and FTP

How to use:

Step 1- Download and install the app. Run it.

Step 2- Create a shared folder on your PC (like Android PC share). Set the permissions to read/write access.

Step 3- In ES File Explorer on your Android phone, tap on the globe button in the upper left side of the screen, go to Network>LAN.

Step 4- Go to the menu option at the bottom, tap on Search to look for the available networks on your LAN. If you don’t find any, then check whether PC and Android device is connected to the same local network or not and repeat again. If the search is successful, you will see the Windows PC listed with its IP address.

Step 5- Tap on the Windows PC icon, enter the username and password.

Step 6- After the shared folder appears on the screen, you can transfer files using ES File Explorer.


Sync by BitTorrent

Sync by BitTorrent is an application primarily for those who are more concerned about security. Sync lets you transfer files securely between your device and computer without using a cloud. You can view and manage files and folders. It also saves those files and folders as if your device has cloud storage server. It’s simple to use and is absolutely free.

How to use:

Step 1- Download and install the app. Run it.

Step 2- Create and add a new folder to BitTorrent Sync.

Step 3- Click on the Add Folder button and select the folder you want to sync. Sync will automatically prepare it for syncing.

Step 4- To share the folder: Click on Share button with the folder name.

Step 5- You can also send a link to another computer over an email. Select E-mail and, wait till the email client opens and types the email address which you will receive from the second PC.

Step 6- Click on the link and the default browser will open up a page on the BitTorrent website. The site will ask you if you have installed Sync or want to install it. If sync is not installed, the website will take you to the sync download page. Your browser will ask for permission to run it. If agreed to open Sync, you will be asked to add the sync to the folder.

Step 7- After selecting the folder, click on Connect. The folder will ask authorization from the first PC. This PC will show a notification that some other PC wants to get the shared folder. After approving it, the folders on first and second PC will be synced.

Mighty Text

The small keyboard on your Android phone may make typing a long text difficult but the Mighty Text app lets you write such texts and send it. Install the app and connect via your Google account and access it from the given URL. You can send and receive messages from your PC, using your Android phone number. All the messages and media files will be automatically synced. You will get notifications from apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and check them from your desktop. You can also edit photos using filters and backup your SMS/MMS messages.

How to use:

Step 1- On the installation page of the app, enter your current mobile number.

Step 2- Install the Mighty Text Chrome Extension.

Step 3- Open the Mighty Text web app.


Xender is one of the best file transfer apps which uses direct Wi-Fi and is available on Google Play Store for free. You have to start both the app on both PC and phone; with a condition that one device has to create or join the group and then, start sharing the files. It transfers file at a speed of 5-6 MB/second. It also arranges the files in an organized manner differentiated into categories like images, videos, apps, etc. Till date, it has roughly 20-50 million users.

Features of Xender:

  • No USB and no internet connection are required
  • You can create a group of up to 4 devices
  • Supports multi-language
  • File sharing between Android and iOS devices easily

How to use:

Step 1- Open in your PC browser.

Step 2- Download and launch the app on your phone.

Step 3- Tap on the transfer button displayed and choose the device you want to transfer your file.

Step 4- If you select Mac or PC, you will have to scan the QR code to connect.


Mobizen allows you to transfer files, send text messages, backup and restore, capture screenshots and record calls, do an onscreen drawing, and handling notifications at your fingertips (on your Android device).

It is like AirDroid where you can connect your device to PC or vice versa, you can use drag-and-drop feature to transfer files, share music, make calls and is great for presentations. You can connect through Wi-Fi, USB or 3G/LTE; among which USB connection is the fastest. In Mobizen, you get a handy “Find my device” feature which works on OTA connection.

How to use:

Step 1- Install the app on your Android phone. You will get two options: one for Samsung devices and another for non-Samsung devices.

Step2- Get the Mobizen plug-in.

Step 3- You have to log in both the app and web app.

Step 4- You will get a 6 digit pin code to be entered in your Android app.


SHAREit (or Lenovo SHAREit) is another popular Android app for transferring files wirelessly, it also uses direct Wi-Fi and easily transfers file from one device to another device. Here, you can transfer all types of files at a speed 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Till date, it has roughly 30-50 million users. After connecting devices, the receiver can view, select and send files without any interference.

Share it - best apps to manage Android through PC or Mac

Features of SHAREit:

  • No USB and no internet connection are required
  • It supports Android, iOS devices, Windows Phone, Windows Vista/XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS.

How to use:

Step 1- Install the app on your both devices and visit on your PC.

Step 2- Click on “Windows Desktop version” that is displayed under “Download Now”. You will get a setup file.

Step 3- Install the setup file. You will get the “SHAREit” icon on your desktop. Tap on the icon.

Note: You can change the destination folder by going to Settings. This folder is where you store the received files. Tap on the three dotted lines symbol that is at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on Settings. Here, you will see the settings window.

Step 4- Click on Advanced to get extra options.

Step 5- Click on Browse to see all the folders saved on your PC. Select any drive or folder. You can select the “E” drive and it will create an SHAREit folder.

Step 6- Click on Save.

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