How to get Google Pixel and Pixel XL features on any Android phone – Launcher, Icon Pack, Camera app

Google wanted to do something new which will be very different from its Nexus phone lineup so that introduced Pixel series of devices. There are 2 devices Google Pixel and Pixel XL and both devices are totally Google from hardware to software. There are lots of features embedded into these devices that’s representing Google way of doing Flagship devices and setting up standards for other companies that are coming with their new generation devices very soon. Google Pixel are packed with hardware like latest Snapdragon chipset with high-end CPU. But there are more to look into when it comes to firmware and User Interface. They have developed a totally new ecosystem for Pixel devices including Launcher, Icon Pack, Camera app, Dialer and other essential Android features. The new Android assistant is now widely accessible and networked well with other apps.

Google Pixel was mainly targeted to bring iPhone users on Android and providing then a premium feel and experience. They have priced the devices targeting the customers who either go for latest Apple iPhone offering or flagship Samsung or LG devices. If you are an Android user and looking forward to having Google Pixel apps and features on your phone or device then you can use this page to get the pixel launcher, Camera, Home screen, wallpapers, icon pack etc.

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Pixel Camera features on Android

Google Pixel packs a killer camera app that features a Golden Ratio configuration with a slider for manual exposure. The newer version of the Pixel has a v4.2 camera app. You can easily get the Google Pixel camera features on your Android device. It has been observed that the camera app runs well on Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. The user is required to update their device to android 7.0 before getting started. Scroll down to read guidelines on how to install Google Camera 4.2 on your Android device.


  • If you are wishing to get Google Pixel camera features on your Android device then you must download the Camera Application through your device’s browser. (You can download the camera app from the XDA labs, using this Link).
  • Once the application is successfully downloaded, install it by pressing the “Install” button.
  • Wait till the application is installing, this will take a couple of minutes. Once installed you are ready to experience the Pixel XL Camera features on your smartphone.

Google Pixel Dialer App on Android

The Dialer on the Google Pixel XL has added much to the user interface of the device. It has even left the iPhone users wondering. The look and feel of the dialer are just awesome. When in call the screen background turns translucent blue gradient and the call buttons are highlighted more clearly. The call answering features are also upgraded. Although the app works well, sometimes the caller id is unresponsive and then application freezes while interacting with the Settings menu.

Users have reported that the dialer app is well compatible with the Nexus series and other Android devices running Android 6.0 and up. However, you can get the Google Pixel Dialer features on your Android powered device. Read below to find how to install the Pixel dialer:

  • Use your smartphone’s internet browser to download the dialer application from the Play Store.
  • Once the application is downloaded you need to visit the ‘downloads” folder and tap on the app to install it.

Next, you must set it as you default dialer app to make use of the Google Dialer. Here’s how:

  • If you have installed the dialer app on your android phone, then you should open the Settings.
  • Select the Apps menu and then press the “Gear” icon located towards the top-right corner of the screen
  • Click on the Phone apps and then choose Phone

If you are facing any error or issues with Google play store then you can find the solution here.

Google Pixel Icons Pack

Did you look at the dapper rounded icons of the Google Pixel? Once you have look at them you would wish to have them on your device. Luckily Android users can get those Rounded Icons on their smartphone. Getting the Google Pixel’s icons on your device is simple and easy, the user just needs to visit the Play Store and then download the icons app. Read on to find a detailed guide to the installation process:


  • Go to the Play Store and then download the Awesome Icons app on your Android Phone’s browser.
  • Install the app by tapping the “Install” button. Once installed you are ready to go ahead with assigning new icons.

Customize your home screen and have a nice time enjoying the feel of the Pixel XL features your android smartphone.

Pixel Home Screen

If you are smitten by the incredible wallpapers loaded on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, great time for the Pixel lovers: Google has simplified the process of acquiring them on your Android phone. The home screen wallpapers are really incredible and portray a wide array of photography, animations, and illustrations that are specially designed and optimized for your smartphone’s screen.


Gaining access to Google Pixel Wallpaper app is easy. You just need to visit the Play Store using this Link. Simply, press the “Install” button located towards the top right to get the app your Android device.

The app allows you to enjoy plenty of HD Google Pixel Wallpapers & Google Pixel XL Wallpapers on your smartphone powered by Android 4.1 and above.

Pixel Launcher

If you desire to get all the Google Pixel and Pixel XL display features on your Android phone then the Pixel Launcher, would be handy. With the Pixel launcher, you can upgrade your home screen features that include quick access to the Google Search and find the app suggestions list on your primary screen.


Installing the Pixel launcher on any Android phone just takes a few minutes, follow the guidelines mentioned below to get assisted through the installation process:

  • In order to install the application visit the Google Play.
  • As you click on the link provided above you will be navigated to the Pixel Launcher Download page.
  • Press the “Install” button to download the app on your Android phone’s browser. Once installed you will be able to find the Pixel and Pixel XL theme on your phone.

If you are looking for Google Pixel Wallpaper collection then you can download them via this link. To get Google assistant you can directly download official Google Allo app from Play store.

we would love to know about your experience with Google Pixel apps. There will be lot of new things coming to our website and you can stay tuned to get updates.


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