How to Download and install latest Play store on your device

The Google Play Store is a very useful way to get new Android apps or update the apps you already have. The Play Store has more than just apps, games, music and movies. You have to re-install the Play Store manually if you have uninstalled it accidently or want to get the previous version to avoid bugs.

The various factors that you get in Play Store that makes it the most preferred app store for Android OS.

  • You can keep a track of the movies, books or apps that you want to include in your wishlist.
  • You can find trustworthy apps with the People Section that contains the recommendations from the people your contacts that have already used it.
  • You can keep your kids away from explicit content which is not right for their age by enabling parental controls. You can filter apps, games, movies, TV shows according to their ratings. You can also filter books and music that are marked as explicit.
  • Customize automatic updates as per your need. You can update your apps automatically by making a few tweaks in your setting like auto-update apps when connected to Wi-Fi or on your phone’s data connection or none. You can also choose which apps to be exempted from being auto-updated by opening the list page of every app>tap on the menu button>de-select “Auto-update”. The Play Store will never update any app without asking permission for approval.

Google Play Store How to get the latest version

Know more about the versions of Google Play Store

The numbering system of the Google Play Store is a bit confusing at starting, if you get used to it then you will not have any problem with it. The huge leap in the numbers is because Google didn’t release the versions officially and kept it discreet.

Note: The new versions delete old features and introduce new ones.

Google Play 6.0.5

The Play Store’s latest version is 6.0.5. It is beneficial both for developers and users, Google allows developers to make promo calls, paid apps and games and app content, all for free.

There is a small thumbs-up icon like in Facebook that is displayed publicly along with the user reviews and star ratings. A few changes have been made: the spam button next to the side menu of the thumb which means it easier to give a positive feedback than a negative one, which was mostly abused by many.

Google Play 6.0.00

The huge change that was brought in Google Play v6.0 was the long-anticipated service previewed by a Googler named Kirill Grouchnikov about a month before. The latest redesigned Google Play Store now has organized content into two different categories: apps and games, and entertainment. Before, the front page showed six tabs.

Google Play 5.10.30

This version came soon after the Google Play version 5.10.29. There were only a few noticeable changes: it had new Google Play font in the search bar, the ability to copy text from the Description and the ‘What’s new’ section.

The front page redesign wasn’t seen in this version. Other changes that it involved was that the reference books were grouped or organized into series and app sizes along with information being shown at the time of installation.

Google Play 5.9.11

The noticeable feature in Google Play 5.9.11 is the new pop-up window which asks for app permissions for apps which are compatible with Android 6.0. It has a fingerprint scanner, an uninstall manager, recommendations based on locations and getting new visuals while restoring apps.

Google Play 5.8.11

In this version, you get to see the transitions and animations a little faster on Android 5.1 Lollipop. this version can be downloaded from Android M preview 3, which works fine on Android 5.1.

Google Play 5.8.8

It has a new menu animation. You may have seen this feature in Google apps, but when you go from one screen to another, the three horizontal lines rotate and change into a back arrow to let you go back to the navigation drawer.

Google Play 5.7.10

Google Play 5.7.10 introduced new features like circular animations on the TV pages and the popular opinions review section, in which one can write or contribute.

Google Play 5.7.6

The ‘What’s new’ section has a green text on a green background which is quite impressive and gives a different look. In the kids’ characters section, you will get some new animations of different cartoon characters your kids have loved watching them. When you tap on the character’s image, it zooms up with the necessary information which is displayed underneath the image.

Google Play 5.6.6

This version introduced some realigned buttons, which you’ll notice after you have seen the post from Kirill Grouchnikov. The change that we saw in the version 5.5.8 was the launch of nifty circular animations that you saw in the TV section.

If you tap on any TV series, the image will change into a little circle (animation) that shows up at the top of the screen to become the banner. If you pull out of the show, the process gets reversed.

Google Play Services latest update

How to install/update Google Play Store

Method #1: Check the current version

The first thing that comes to your mind is to know which version you are using of Google Play Store so that you are not behind. To check the version, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Open Google Play Store.

Step 2. Open the setting.

Step 3. After that, at the bottom of the screen, you will get build number. This build number is the version.

The latest version of Google Play Store Is 6.1.12.

Method #2: Download Google Play Store APK

What is an APK File?

Windows PC uses a .exe file to install software, Android uses an APK File is the file format which is used for installing software mostly games and apps on the Android OS.

Note: This guide is for Android devices which have installed a licensed version of the Play Store.

Go to Settings>tap on Security>scroll down to the Unknown Sources and switch it on. You will get a warning message of installing apps which are outside of Google Play. It shouldn’t be taken lightly and one should be cautious while downloading an app, not from Google Play (which is a trusted site). Pirating a paid app is illegal and disrupts your device on being installed.

APK Mirror ensures that every app is safe to use. You can search and download the latest version of Google Play Store. The downloaded file will appear in the notifications pull-down menu on the top screen of your device and the Download folder will show up in the app drawer. Click on the file on any one of the location and install it. If you face problem in installing the store, you will have to download the latest version of Google Play Services.

Google Play Store troubleshooting

The Google Services Framework lets the Play Store to communicate with the apps on your device, getting automatic updates and so on. If its stops working or you face any other problem, there is a problem with the service and you are required to clear the cache on Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

You can clear the cache, by going to Settings>Apps>scroll down to the Google Play Store and tap on it>tap on Clear cache. Follow the same steps for Google Play Services. This will fix the problem that you had experienced with the Play Store.

Note: You may have to root the device, which depends on the type of device you own; in order to install Play Store manually.

Tips: Google Play Store error messages and Solutions

You can install the Google Play APK installed on your device: either directly on the phone or on your PC.

Method #3: Use a file manager

Use your preferred file browser or if you don’t have one, use ES File Explorer.

Step 1. Open your file browser and find where you have placed the Google Play Store APK. If you have downloaded it then it will be on the SD card in the Downloads folder of your device.

Step 2. When you find the APK, tap on it. You will get a pop-up box with all the app you have installed on your phone and asks which app you want to use. If this happens, tap on “Package Installer”.

Step 3. On the next screen, you may get a message “read over any permission changes” (but there are no such things), tap on Install.

When these things are done, you will install the latest version of Google Play Store on your device.

Method #4: Install Google Play (phone method):

Step 1. Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ by going to Settings>then go to Security>tick on the box next to Unknown sources. Unknown Sources are locations outside of the Play Store.

Note: Don’t forget to uncheck the Unknown sources option.

Step 2. Using the browser on your phone, go to XDA Developers forum or APK Mirror to download the APK for Google Play Store’s latest version.

Step 3. You will get a warning message of ‘this type of file can harm your phone’. Just ignore it and tap on OK.

Step 4. Open the APK; you will get permission requests for installation of the new Play Store, tap on Install.

Method#5: Install Google Play (computer method):

If you don’t have data or Wi-Fi connection on your phone, you can download the APK on your PC. It has the same process in starting.

Step 1. Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ by going to Settings>then go to Security>tick on the box next to Unknown sources. Unknown Sources are locations outside of the Play Store.

Note: Don’t forget to uncheck the Unknown sources option.

Step 2. Using the browser on your phone, go to XDA Developers forum or APK Mirror to download the APK for Google Play Store’s latest version.

Step 3. Connect your device to the computer via a USB cable and copy the APK to your Android device.

Step 4. Open the APK, accept the permission and tap on Install.

Method#6: Disable Unknown Sources

Leaving the Unknown Sources box checked (switched on) may cause a major security issue so to keep yourself safe, turn it off.

Step 1. Go to the device’s Settings.

Step 2. Go to Security Settings or Privacy Settings or Applications Settings.

Step 3. Untick or uncheck the box.

This prevents everything (leaving the Play Store) from installing any app. You can also re-check the box anytime.

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