How to Remove Virus or Malicious app from Android phone or Tablet

Android devices may get affected by Virus or Malicious app, but it’s easy to secure and monitor your device. Android is a widespread mobile platform now and many hackers are trying to break into the security and steal any important information. Mostly your device can get infected only if you download some malicious files or Applications. It’s better to install security/Antivirus app on your device to keep it safe. But if you feel like your device is running slow and using the data connection unexpectedly, then it’s better to scan your device and eliminate the threat. We have created a detailed guide below that will help with removing Virus from your Android phone or Tablet.

How to remove Android Malware Virus Malicious Code

How to Remove Virus or Malicious app from your Android device:

Step 1 Getting infected with a virus on your Android device is very rare. If you get and pop-up ads for the removal of the virus, don’t just download it; calm down a bit and take a deep breath. Downloading such apps may, in fact, get you a virus because all the apps that you install may the reason why your device has got a virus. The safest way to prevent your device getting polluted by a virus is by installing apps from Google Play Store only.

 All the viruses are transmitted to your Android device via the third-party apps.  The same for Gunpoder virus which came into new recently, that got injected into the phone by installing a Nintendo game app installed outside Google Play app. To keep your device secured, you should take precautionary measures to prevent Gunpoder virus or other viruses to sneak in without your knowledge.

Android Malware apps and virus Removal Guide

To check if you hadn’t installed any malware via the installation of any apps outside Google Play Store, go to your Settings menu>search for the Security option and tap on it>go to Unknown Sources option and disable it (this option allows the installation of apps from unknown sources). You can also see: Security Advisor.

And, if you are thinking of buying an app outside the Play Store, then do some research before taking any step. Check the permissions, reviews and go through carefully at the developer’s site what more it offers.

You can also install an antivirus app for example 360 Mobile Security, Avast, and Lookout. Various Android antivirus apps are available which detects and removes malware. You get reports about an app having malware. These apps do not become a malicious app until its hides it, like in Gunpoder used Airpush adware library to hide its malicious behavior.

If you assume that your Android device has a virus, then you can uninstall the related app or perform a factory reset to remove it, which turns your device into a new one.

Note: If everything fails, perform a Factory Reset which will clear the entire virus. Before doing a factory reset, backup all your data and files as you may lose it during the process.

Instead of performing a factory reset, you can remove a virus from your Android devices by following the below steps.

Step 2- Android viruses can be removed by rebooting your device into the Safe Mode; this will stop all the third-party apps that have a virus in them. If your device doesn’t have the option to reboot into safe mode, and then restart it in the usual mode (by pressing and holding the Power button and after 30 few seconds switch it by pressing the same button). If required remove the administrator status of the affected apps and uninstall them. If this fails then, open Google, type ‘How to _____ (put your device’s model name) into Safe mode’ and follow the instructions carefully. When you’re in Safe mode, you will see ‘Safe mode’ being displayed at the bottom left-side of the screen.

Step 3- Open Settings, select Apps and check the Downloaded tab. If you don’t know the name of the virus that has affected your Android device, go through the list and look for the culprit Dodgy Android virus or any app that you haven’t installed and still it is running.

If you recognize a virus from the list of apps just uninstall it by a click on Uninstall option.

Step 4- Tap on the malicious app to launch the APP info page, tap on Uninstall option to remove the virus. Sometimes you may find that the Uninstall option has been grayed out because the virus has given itself the Administrator status of the device.

Step 5- Exit from the Apps menu, tap on Settings>go to Security>tap on Device Administrators option. Here, you will get the list of apps on your Android device with the administrator status. Untick the box of the app you want to remove, tap on Deactivate button that you get on the next screen. Now, go back to the Apps menu and remove that malicious app.

Now that the virus is deleted, restart your device to boot into Safe mode. You will notice that everything is working fine on your Android device, backup all your important data and files that were stored on your device. Install an Android antivirus app to protect your device from future viruses.

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