Best apps to make Slow Motion Videos on Android

Slow motion video apps for Android

iPhone bought the craziness of Slow Motion Video recordings and iPhone 6S has taken it way above, People are looking for great ways [apps] for their iOS and Android devices to make better Slow Motion Videos. You can see lots of awesome slow motion videos getting uploaded on Youtube, FB and Vimeo Daily. The new

What is Nandroid Backup and How to make One! – Android Guide 101

Nandroid Backup and Restore - explained

When we talk about Android Mobile operating system then the first feature that comes to my brain is “Flexibility” and next is “Customization”. Both these features have made the Android – most loved mobile operating system in world. Android provide a great way to customize your device even without rooting your device, you can install

Things you should know or Do before Rooting your device

What to do before your Root your Android phone or Tablet

Android is one of the most widespread Mobile platform, because of its flexibility and customizability. Without rooting your device, you can still change the Launcher, Icon packs and few other things but to get full control of your device you will need to root your Android device. Be it a Phone or Tablet, Rooting it

Best Apps to customize your Android Look and Feel – make it unique

Best apps to customize Android - Look and Feel

People love Android because of its flexibility and adaptability. First phones were mostly with a single sim, and when dual sim generation came in most of the mobile OS platform failed to adapt that. But Android survived that and bought it as their most appreciated adaptation. There are lots of things that Android survived and