How to root any Android Phone or Tablet without PC

Google has already showed a preview of upcoming Android N [Newyork Cheesecake]. There are lots of added features over the current Android Marshmallow firmware. The most awaited features include the Split screen or Multi Windows Mode, enhanced settings panel, revamped notification shades and quick settings. Beside that they have enhanced the doze mode and it works much better to give an extra-long battery life. SuperSU has already announced a working version for Android N devices. We are not here to talk about the Android update. We are going to discuss the ways through which you can root your devices without the need of a PC.

Most of the tutorials online that provide details about rooting your devices have PC as an important bridge to Push SuperSU to your devices. But some people do not have access to a PC and have to work on Phone or Tablet only. There are many tools available online that can help your root your device without the need of a computer. You can download the tool mostly available as an APK and install it. You can select your device model and go ahead with the procedure to root your device.

Tip: Things you should do before rooting your device

Root any Android Phone Tablet without PC computer

Before, that we should know more about rooting and its benefits and disadvantages.

What is Android Rooting?

Android is an OS where you don’t have full or complete access to perform various functions on your device. Rooting is a procedure where you will full access to the Android OS that is installed on your phone or tablet. After rooting your device, you get direct access to all the parts of your device, firmware or hardware. You can easily cross over the limits offered by the manufacturer and you can make the global changes you desire in your device. You have full control over the settings, features, and performance of the device.

Advantages of rooting your Android device:

Rooting will get you several benefits, such as;

  1. When you install any app, it gets stored in your phone’s memory. Rooting allows you to move apps to your external memory (SD card), thereby freeing up the internal memory for other files and apps.
  2. Superuser app can only run on a rooted Android device. You can control which apps will have access to the root system.
  3. Rooting provides the ability to connect your Android device to PC so that the PC can use the phone’s data connection. The PC can even access the internet via a Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  4. You will be able to use the latest Android OS after rooting your Android phone. It provides you with the option to set any future or current OS by installing any compatible custom ROM.
  5. Custom ROM requires a rooted device. There are hundreds of custom ROMs which will increase the processing speed of your phone and change the entire look and feel of your precious phone.
  6. You can run various apps which are compatible with your rooted Android phone. There are over 50 best root apps which you can use only after rooting your device. You can easily uninstall apps after having root access by using the uninstall option.
  7. You can access all the files present in your device (in the root directory of the storage or anywhere else) by giving the root permissions. You can even Edit or Delete any system file.
  8. You can increase the performance of the device by overclocking it (changing the CPU frequency of the Android device).
  9. You can easily increase the battery backup by underclocking the GPU of your Android phone.

Disadvantages of rooting your Android device:

  1. One of the major disadvantages of rooting your device is that it will void your device warranty. But you can reclaim the warranty anytime buy unrooting your device and installing stock firmware. Rooting can result in getting your device bricked, If you do not follow the steps correctly.
  2. The steps in the tutorial should be carefully followed and if you perform a wrong step or install the corrupted zip file, then you may end up with a bricked or broken phone.
  3. The rooting process may delete some data as it involves steps like hard resetting. So, before rooting your device backup your important files and data.
  4. After rooting your Android device, you may face random reboots and app crashes.
  5. There is a loss of privacy, as third-party ROMs and apps are being flashed, which can misuse the root permissions. Installing and adding third party apps are a bit risky.
  6. With the purpose of rooting device to get a faster and reliable performance, the phone has lost the usual performance speed and features as rooting involve making changes to the basic operating system.
  7. Your device can get viruses. Making changes to the software code runs the risk of getting viruses.

The benefits of rooting an Android phone without PC:

  • No requirement of PC, computer or laptop
  • Comparatively very safe
  • No chance of bricking your device
  • No data loss

Rooting your Android mobile without PC:

A. Using FramaRoot

Framearoot - root Android phones without PC

FramaRoot is included in the list of rooting any device without PC and ranks No. 1. It is a one click application which has rooted most of the android phones without the need for a PC. It was developed by alephzain, an XDA member. You can install Superuser and Su binary on your device. FramaRoot currently supports Android devices of version 2.0-4.2. It is one of the easiest and quickest method to rooting without the use of a PC.

FramaRoot uses six safe exploits (Gandalf, Boromir, Aragorn, Sam, Frodo, and Gimli) to root your Android phone. These are the name of the characters from the movie ‘Lord of the Rings’ which must have been used by a fan.

You have to download the FramaRoot app and copy the file into the device through an SD card.

Steps to root without PC using FramaRoot:

Step 1- Download the FramaRoot app to your device or PC.

Framaroot-1.9.3.apk – (1.25 MB)

Framaroot-1.9.2.apk – (1.23 MB)

Framaroot-1.9.1.apk – (1.03 MB)

Framaroot-1.9.0.apk – (1.03 MB)

Framaroot-1.8.1.apk – (1.03 MB)

Framaroot-1.8.0.apk – (1.03 MB)

Framaroot-1.7.0.apk – (1.03 MB)

Framaroot-1.6.1.apk – (908.2 KB)

Framaroot-1.6.0.apk – (2.03 MB)

Framaroot-1.5.3.apk – (2.03 MB)

FramaRoot-1.5.2.apk – (2.03 MB)

FramaRoot-1.5.1.apk – (2.02 MB)

Step 2- Copy the FramaRoot from the PC to the phone memory.

Step 3- Install FramaRoot from the apk file.

Step 4- Select the “install Superuser” option inside FramaRoot.

Step 5- Select any of the exploits. Click on Boromir and wait till it shows the message that Su is installed successfully.

Step 6- “Reboot your device” message will show.

Step 7- If you see a Failed message, try another exploit.

If it shows an “Exploit failed error”, try another app to root your Android device without PC.

B. Using Universal Android Root

Kingoroot Universal root app - One Tap root without PC

Various methods are available to root an Android phone without PC, most of them being complex. This is a simple and popular app among root apk. You just have to download and install on your computer. Androot is one of the best apps available for rooting your Android device from the app builder Kingroot. This method doesn’t involve any complications, this app can root almost every Android device without any problem. It is the best alternative to FramaRoot.

Steps to root without PC using Universal Android Root:

Step 1- Go to Settings and select Application. Check that the box for Unknown Source is ticked and save it.

Step 2- Download and install Universal Androot app.

Step 3- Open Universal Androot from the app drawer and click on the Root option.

Note: Make sure that the correct version of the Android device is selected. Otherwise, your device will have problem in a rooting.

C. Using iRoot

iRoot is one of the easiest and best apps to root your android device without PC. It’s a Chinese app developed by the Mgyun team. There are many mods available in the English version. This app supports most of the Android devices running on the Android versions 2.2 to 4.4 to root it, without the use of PC. More than 150000 models are supported by different brand names. Many advanced rooting techniques are included in this, which ensures 95% success rate. The rooting and unrooting of your android device are just a click away. A popular tool named vRoot has upgraded to iRoot.

Steps to root without PC using iRoot:

Step 1- Download iRoot app.

Step 2- After successful installation of iRoot APK file, tap on the downloaded file on your android device.

Step 3- Open iRoot app on your device.

Step 4- Tap on I Agree.

Step 5- Click on the Root button in the app to root your device.

D. Using Z4 Root

Z4 Root is the oldest apps to root your Android device without PC. It is a very easy app to root your device. It is developed by one of the members of XDA. Z4 Root can easily root Android devices with different chipsets from different companies like Samsung, Xperia, Xolo, Lava, Micromax, and Spice.

Steps to root without PC using Z4 Root:

Step 1- Download Z4 Root apk.

Step 2- Install the Z4 Root APK on your Android device.

Step 3- Launch the app in your device.

Step 4- Click on the Root button.

Step 5- Wait for some time till the device is rooted.

Step 6- Reboot your device.

E. Using Easy Rooting Toolkit App

This app is the best working app to root an Android phone without PC. This app can easily root every Sony device and install BusyBox and SU files on your device. You can try this app on your Android phone as the device manufacturer has covered the exploits. This app has upgraded their version to 3.0 which includes many fixes and new additions to devices like Xperia C2, Xperia Z2, etc.

Steps to root without the help of PC using Easy Rooting Toolkit:

Step 1- Download Easy Rooting Toolkit apk.

Step 2- Install the APK on your Android device.

Note: Ensure that the Unknown Sources option is enabled in Settings.

Step 3- Open the app and click on the Root button.

Step 4- Wait for a few minutes till a Success message is displayed.

Step 5- Reboot your device. Check if the Superuser app is installed in the app drawer.

F. Using Towel Root

This app was developed by Geohot. Till date, it has successfully rooted Verizon Galaxy S5, AT&T GS5, GS4, Note 3, Nexus 5, HTC One M7 without the help of PC. It is free and easy to be downloaded. This app has a good percentage success rate.

Steps to root without PC using Towel Root:

Step 1- Backup your Android device. You don’t want to lose all your important data.

Step 2- Download Towel Root.

Step 3- Install the downloaded Towel Root APK on your Android device.

Note: Ensure that the Unknown Sources is enabled in Settings.

Step 4- Launch Towel Root and click on Make it Rain button.

Step 5- Wait for some minutes to install the SU library on your device.

G. Using Baidu Root

Baidu Root app is one of the most popular apps which is available for both mobiles and PC to root an Android phone. It can root almost every Android device as it supports more than 6000 devices from different brand names. Baidu Root has its own SU permission which isn’t similar to the SuperSU that is offered by other root apps.

Steps to root without PC using Baidu Root:

Step 1- Download Baidu Root APK.

Step 2- Install the downloaded file on your Android device.

Step 3- Launch the Baidu Root app.

Step 4- Click on the Root button. Wait patiently till the device is successfully rooted.

Step 5- Reboot your device and search for the Baidu Root app in the app drawer.

Note: If you find the Baidu Root app in the app drawer, you have successfully rooted your device.

H. Using CF Auto root

The CF Auto Root app is the new Android app to root your device without the use of PC or computer. This app is developed by Chainfire which can easily root your Samsung and other devices. Download the CF Auto Root as according to your android device. Here, you will get a list of all CF Auto Root that is available for your device, select your mobile.

Steps to root without PC using CF Auto Root:

Step 1- Download CF Auto Root apk from the link given above (the list of CF Auto Root for your device).

Step 2- Install the downloaded APK on your Android device

Note: Ensure that the Unknown Sources is enabled in Settings.

Step 3- After successful installation of the CF Auto Root, open it.

Step 4- Click on the Root button.

Step 5- After a few minutes, restart your device.

Step 6- Search for the Superuser app in the app drawer.

Note: If the Superuser app is showing in the app drawer, you have successfully rooted your Android device.

I. Using Root Master One Click Root

Root Master One Click Root is one of the most effective methods to root an Android device without PC. It is a simple method and is free to use. This method has got high success rates. It is the first English APK to root an Android phone.

Steps to root without PC using Root Master:

Step 1- Backup your android device.

Step 2- Download Root Master apk.

Step 3- Install the APK file in your device.

Step 4- Open the Root Master app on your phone.

Step 5- Click on Tap to root.

Step 6- Wait patiently for a few minutes and restart your device.

How to check if your android device is rooted or not?

Download Root Checker app to check that your phone is rooted or not.

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