Speed up your Android phone and improve battery backup – best optimization apps

Android has raised the bars for mobile operating system and functionalities, even iPhones are lacking behind now. There are lot that can be done on Android even if you have a cheap device. You will not only be able to perform regular phone operations like calling and messaging but besides that you can engage with social media, gaming or learning. Android gives an enhanced platform to deliver services and that’s why e-commerce, food and travel companies are surely engaging with it. Android tends to leak its snappy and fast performance once junk [temporary files or unused apps] start hogging over resources. Your Android device needs weekly optimization which can be performed manually or you can leave them to specialized apps. We are here to tell you about the best system optimization apps available for Android devices that can help you enhance performance and battery life.

There are lots of powerful devices coming up that have a beastly processor and huge RAM. But if you do not optimize your device regularly it will tend to slow down at some point of time which will be frustrating. Better you take care of this and keep your device optimized, fast and safe.

Speed up Android and increase battery life - using these optimization apps

Tip: Remove Virus or Malicious code from Android

Best apps to optimize Android for Performance and battery life

App MGR III (App 2 SD)

App MGR III is easy to use app which reports to you if an app can be moved to SD card. It is a hybrid app which comprises of two features: an app manager and a cache cleaner. You can hide apps (mostly the default ones) in the app drawer. You can uninstall, move apps or even share apps with your friends. This app has the similar material design of Google, which makes it more elegant and user-friendly. The 1-tap to clear facet clears all the cache data at one go.

It also shows up the storage space that each installed app takes so; you can easily observe which app takes up more RAM. You can download it from Google Play Store for free. It also comes in a paid version, which provides additional features such as themes and ad-free usage.


If you are using your old Android phone after a long time and notice that it has become slow and the battery is draining quickly, the Greenify app ensures that your phone works the same way it did on the first day and you won’t need a task killer. It freezes (or puts in a state of hibernation) apps and services that are running in the background. The hibernated process will put the app to sleep (the same ‘Doze’ feature as of Marshmallow but can be run on lower versions also; you can start it whenever you need them. Here, you are unable to access the system resources, increases the speed of the phone and battery life. This reliable app can stop periodic tasks, alarms, push messages, widget updates, etc. The app comes free and has unique features like deep-sleep and the hibernated apps can be updated when required. Don’t misuse the power of Greenify and hibernate those apps which you shouldn’t have had.

Download: Greenify

SD Maid

SD Maid is a powerful tool and its developers have mentioned on their Google Play Store page that it should be used at the owner’s risk. Greenify killed useless apps, but SD Maid aims in removing the remains of an old file that were uninstalled. Like Greenify, it freezes apps that dominate the resources later. It goes through your Android files and removes unnecessary files and folders on the external memory card. It uses an advanced engine to search, identify and remove junk files that unnecessarily creates dirt even after being uninstalled. It is regularly updated and improved towards betterment. SD Maid improves the overall performance of the Android device and optimizes the database of the installed apps, thus getting a faster and quick response.

Download: SD Maid

DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is a handy user-friendly all-in-one android optimization tool which has a Trash Cleaner for app cache and unnecessary uninstalled file cleaning, memory booster, game booster to get a better FPS and gaming experience, one-touch phone accelerator, an in-built network speed meter, app manager, privacy advisor, and antivirus. It has a beautiful design which is very attractive. The cache cleaner frees up the internal storage space which increases the performance of the Android device. The active engine to observe and free the RAM in a resource hungry app (like Facebook) when required.

Download: DU Speed Booster

360 Security

360 Security app includes multiple features: Boost, Clean, and Antivirus. It closes down apps that aren’t in use anymore to increase the performance and battery life of the device. This app also includes “Find my phone” feature which lets you wipe data remotely or turn on an alarm. You can remove unwanted apps easily by a single tap or more. It checks for malware and other malicious apps and you can remove them. You can temporarily clean data of the installed applications, resulting in more space for your data.

Download: 360 Security

Clean Master

Clean Master is an all-rounder Android app that has several optimization tasks like cleaning and optimization tools and maintenance tools. Clean Master features maintenance tools like app manager, antivirus, memory booster, file shredder and cleaner of junk files. The junk file cleaner cleans temporary files as well as the system cache to free up some space. If your Android phone is slow it means it is having low internal space. You can clean app cache, idle files, residual files, search history and uninstall apps. It can be used to check and remove malicious apps and files. It also boosts memory to increase the performance of the device and battery life. The app manager lets you to backup APKs, move apps to the SD card and uninstall unnecessary apps. You can also skip the task-killer feature of the phone boost.

Download: Clean Master


CCleaner is the one of the most favorite PC maintenance tools for Windows machines and is now available for Android devices. It is the perfect tool to clean cache data and files, uninstall unused apps, remove downloaded files and folders, clean call log and SMS, clean browse history, clean clipboard items, and manage system resources. This app not only cleans but also optimizes the device leading to an improved performance. It is fast and completely ad-free. It comes with an app manager: CPU, RAM and storage meters; and battery and temperature tools.

Download: CCleaner

Android Assistant

Android assistant is a light-weight system monitoring tool. The Monitor status feature where you can access direct control over your files and settings, while watching over CPU, RAM, ROM, SD cards, battery, etc. Android Assistant can manage apps, files, and the several processes like clearing the cache or other temporary files, saving battery life, plus a one-click boost feature for speed improvement. It includes various like app backup and restore, install/uninstall multiple APKs or multiple apps, startup manager (block startup apps that decrease the speed of the phone’s startup), etc.

You can also mode apps to the SD card to free up more space in the internal memory of your phone. The battery saver feature is a life-saver when your battery is low and extends the life.

Download: Android Assistant

Startup Manager

Startup Manager (are sometimes called the ‘Setup’ or ‘Configuration’ tools) enables you to control, configure and review the programs that start with Windows.

The Windows program that you install on your system gets added to the system startup. Windows ahs an in-built startup manager through which you can disable those startup programs which are not required. You can disable any undesirable system startup when your device boots. It shows and manages the list of the start-up apps and resources. If you want to disable any particular from the system startup, uncheck (or untick) the app from that list, the same goes for enabling a particular app. You can re-enable it by going to the same system startup list. To enhance the speed of the device, you can uncheck all the startup entries.

Download: Startup Manager

3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox is a multi-featured device management tool, currently known as Android Tuner. It comes with diagnostic and tweaking tools that not only diagnose but also improves the health of the device. You can control the software and hardware of the device. The toolbox has a task manager to manage or kill apps, CPU controller, backup and restore APKs, RAM management, system optimizers, battery calibration, etc.

The change in system settings should be done carefully as it can increase or decrease the speed and performance of the device. This app allows you to manage all the background processes, hardware settings, and resource usage.

Download: 3C Toolbox

ROM Toolbox Lite

ROM Toolbox Lite is a powerful application and a necessary app that every user should have in his device. It not only acts as a ROM management tool but also includes several different features and levels of functionality, from many root apps. This is simple to use and works elegantly. This customizes your phone the way you always desired. Using this app, you can backup and restore many applications, change system fonts, manage different files, enable or disable apps at startup, etc.

The premium version ($4.99) lets you unlock features such as app finder, app freezer, cache cleaner, storage optimizer, processor controller, etc. performing various tweaks in the system will enhance the device’s performance. The app manager performs cloud syncs and the root explorer lets you gain access to the entire Android file system.

Download: ROM Toolbox Lite

Nova launcher

If you want to customize the appearance of your Android phone then, Nova Launcher is the right choice for you. It shouldn’t be something boring but you should enjoy doing this. There are regular updates and unlimited options available for customization. It includes a double-tap-to-lock feature, Google Now, gesture shortcuts for everything from opening your app drawer to pulling down the notification shade to opening your recent apps. Nova Launcher is fast, light-weight, sleek and highly customizable. You can set your home screen the way you want without slowing down the performance of the device. This application offers many options to choose from. You can easily change the color themes, the icon packs, folder settings, and app drawer customizations.

Download: Nova Launcher

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